It's here:


That's my personal gentoo overlay in which you'll find ebuilds that I created myself (you can find them on this site) as well as ebuilds that I copied from others.

Use it at your own risk.

For those who has not got layman, you need to emerge layman first:

[code]emerge -av layman[/code]

Now you're ready to add my overlay:

[code]layman -o -a pnh[/code] 

And that's it.


If you get an error,  then this may work:

[code]layman -o -L

layman -a pnh[/code]


Remember to run

[code]layman --sync ALL[/code]

to get the lastest ebuilds from overlays. 



Updated 16th Aug 2009


 In case all those commands above dont work for you, you may want to try:

[code]layman -o -s -a pnh[/code]


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